Courtney and Chris

How We Met: Chris and I met years ago when we worked at the same radio station. We had minimal contact with each other at the time and I ended up moving on to a different job 8 months later. We became “Facebook friends” a couple years ago, but still didn’t have any direct contact. On January 6th of this year, I commented on his profile picture, which “put me on his radar” as he says. He asked a mutual friend if I was single, and then reached out to me to set up a first double date with a couple we are mutually friends with.

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For the rest of the year we spent as much time together as possible, traveling all over the country, experiencing new places and events, and even interviewing celebrities on the red carpet at the Academy of Country Music awards in Las Vegas. I knew he was incredibly special and quickly realized I wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with him.

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how they asked: Chris is a member of the media and has always attended press screenings for movies that were about to be released in theaters soon. He told me he got us tickets to see the press screening of an upcoming movie for the night after Christmas, so naturally I didn’t find anything unusual about that. He had gotten tickets for his sister and her husband as well, so when we arrived to the theatre we waited in the lobby for his sister, Jordyn, and her husband, Mike, to arrive. The four of us then walked up to the ticket taker who was informed that anyone attending the “press screening” was to be directed to theatre #4.

We walked into the theatre and sat in our seats. A few previews ran before the lights went out. The video began to roll and immediately I recognized the song, which is the first song I ever sent to Chris. Our picture then came onto the screen and that’s when I knew it was happening–he was going to propose. The video rolled and at the end he got down on one knee in the theatre and asked me to marry him. He then told me that every single person sitting in front of us in the theatre was our family and friends! They all turned around and cheered. He captured the entire moment on video for us to watch on every annversary going forward. Chris absolutely took my breath away by his thoughtfulness and effort put in to creating such a beautiful proposal. I am truly the luckiest girl in this world.

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