Chris and Brooke

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How We Met

Chris and I met when we were both in year 8 in 2009. We went to different high schools but met through our mutual friend Alana. Chris and I became really close friends and hung out all the time. e was my best friend. In year 10, we kissed for the first time and there was no going back. On our first date, we went to Bondi beach and ate fish and chips and walked along the beach at sunset. Fast forward to today and I get to say I’m marrying my best friend!

How They Asked

We were celebrating my 26th birthday with friends at a bar in the city. Chris and I booked the Sofitel Darling Harbour to stay over the weekend. Chris told me he had booked a bar for him and me to have drinks beforehand in Balmain. In the uber Chris was acting a little strange and said he was car sick (little did I know he was just super anxious and nervous.) We got dropped off in a dead-end street and walked down the stairs. Chris began to tear up and that is when I saw the beautiful setup. I was so surprised and overwhelmed with happiness. Chris got down on one knee and told me that he has always wanted to marry me and asked me to marry him. Of course, i said YES!

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Special Thanks

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