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How We Met: Bridgette and I met while working together at a retail store five years ago in Tucson, Arizona. After dating for only eight months, I asked Bridgette to move with me to Las Vegas and we’ve been by each other’s sides ever since. We now live in Scottsdale, Arizona with my 6-year-old daughter, Kassidie.

The Proposal Story: After two foiled plans to propose, I finally found the perfect opportunity when we decided to go “anti-holiday” and travel to New York City for Christmas.

To keep this proposal top secret, I started planning nearly two months before the proposal date. I lined up the ring, the photographer and made all the arrangements. Luckily our photographer, James at Paparazzi Proposals, helped me ensure we covered all the details.

Bridgette knew we were planning to go ice skating at Rockefeller Center and to the top of the observation deck, but was completely oblivious to anything else.

On Christmas Eve 2013, I showered in our hotel room in Times Square, practicing in solitude kneeling down on one knee, unsure of which knee I should actually drop down to the ground on. After several — 13 or so — practice runs in the shower of my proposal speech and choreographing kneeling down on one knee, I felt overconfident as ever.

Shane Co. engagement ring tucked away in my pea coat, we headed out to go ice skating. I coordinated the locations and times with James. He needed a picture of us to see what we were wearing, so I had to pretend I wanted to take a selfie of Bridgette and me in front of a set of large Christmas ornaments outside of The Rock, which was odd enough since I never want to take pictures, let alone a random selfie in sub-30 degree weather.

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We skated around for about 30 minutes, got breakfast and then headed to the top of The Rock.

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After what seemed like hours, which was literally less than four minutes, I gave the nod to James (our incognito photographer) and dropped down to one knee while Bridgette was taking pictures of Central Park. Thinking I was tying my shoe, it took her a few lines into my proposal to piece together what I was mumbling.

Rushing through the last half of my five-sentence speech in order to pull the ring out as fast as possible and refrain from the possibility of any tears flowing, I struggled to pull the ring box from the inside of my coat. Finally free from its wool and nylon jail cell, I presented the ring that I had been hiding for weeks and 2,500 miles with the big question.

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Still in partial shock, Bridgette managed to pull together an ecstatic, “Yes!” while being cheered on from the surrounding onlookers.

She was speechless for the next 45 minutes while we took pictures around Rockefeller Center and I felt relieved. We headed off to a local Irish Pub and celebrated with a bottle of champagne and mozzarella sticks. It was amazing!

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The Ring: Bridgette took the liberty to show me what types of rings she liked, and was especially vocal about what she didn’t like for the past several years, so I had a fairly good idea of what she wanted. I knew she would be happy with any average ring, but she’s not your average girl, so I made my best half-intelligent guess at what diamond and band best suited her. Listening to her all of those years paid off. The ring I created for her at Shane Co. couldn’t have been more perfect for her, and for us.

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