Chris and Bree

How We Met

Chris and I met at work (Liverpool Catholic Club in April 2015). From then it was Late night phone calls and early morning messages. Our first date was at San Churros in MacArthur square which then ended up at time zone…Big kids at heart. We have been inseparable for the last 3-4 years, doing everything together and constantly surprising me, everything is so spontaneous, fun and exciting. We are the reason for each other’s smiles. He’s my not just the love of my life, but he’s my best friend, my rock, the one I can’t wait to message every morning, the first one I call when I’ve not only got exciting news but sad news too.

how they asked

He had organised a lovely day in the city shopping and eating dumplings haha, where I simply thought he wanted to spend quality time together since both our schedules can get very hectic. Chris had organized a “catch up” dinner with my family later on that night at The Gantry – Pier one hotel. Chris mentioned a few months back that he had won a voucher from work to “trumps alter ego” at The Rocks for a hair, makeup, and nails package. Chris organized for the voucher to be used that afternoon because apparently “it was going to expire that following Monday”. While I was getting pampered little did I know that Chris had been setting up the proposal at the Rawson.

Since we finished hair and makeup an hour early, Chris asked if I’d like to go get some drinks before the restaurant. Then the heavens opened up with torrential rain pouring down, but yet Chris kept his cool and pushed on with what was planned. We finally found parking at The Rocks where he took me underneath his arm and umbrella walking me to The Rawson hotel for “drinks”. We were guided up to a bar on the upper levels but to throw a spanner in the works the elevator was broken down due to up the flight of stairs we went and yet again Chris kept his nerves under wraps not cracking once haha.

We walked to the top room (here I’m thinking we are going to a bar) and as we walked in I flinched thinking it was someone’s wedding we were walking into because of the carpet and music… as Chris walked me in I saw a artwork of me and Chris and it all clicked together… The love of my life was proposing, it was a dream and something I’ll never be able to explain to someone. My emotions and feelings were flying everywhere. I was the happiest and most excited it been in my life! Was so unexpected and special and I love him so much (sneaky little bugger did so amazing and I had no idea).