Chris and Amanda's Golden Gate Bridge Proposal


How we met: We met 3 years earlier through mutual friends. As it turned out, we had many mutual friends and I am still amazed we never crossed paths earlier. Our first date was with a group since we were both too nervous for a blind date (if that is even truly possible with Facebook these days). We hit it off and enjoyed nearly 3 years of dating. As time went on, we became serious and openly discussed what we wanted for our future. I started, in year 1 of dating, a long-standing joke that I refused to get married before dating someone 5 years. Despite her obvious frustration, I continually reminded her of the “5 year plan” before every vacation. Especially before the most important vacation of our relationship…


how they asked: November was a perfect month for our schedules to take a long vacation. I had a family reunion in Phoenix, a best friend in San Francisco and future in-laws that frequent Las Vegas. We combined the three factors into a well-planned road trip starting in Vegas, south to Phoenix for the reunion, west to Highway 1, north to San Francisco and ending back in Vegas. We of course made stops along the way and enjoyed the coast.

A few months prior to our road trip, I made the decision to propose. The ring was purchased in Baton Rouge (Hannon Jewelers… highly suggest) after potentially hundreds of hours of research. I am not afraid to admit I am the proud owner of a Pinterest account during this whole process. Despite my 5 year plan, I was quietly keeping track of every comment she ever made regarding engagement rings in an attempt to nail down her “dream ring”. She would have said “Yes” without a ring, but she confirmed it definitely helped.

I originally got the idea for the proposal location when she mentioned an amazing photographer, Kate Harrison, that works in the Bay area. She thought it would be fun to get pictures as a couple and attempted to contact Kate to get an estimate and see if she was available. I beat her to it though and contacted Kate for a more important photo shoot. I gave Kate instructions to ignore my girlfriend’s emails. Kate was great to work with and we decided to secretly photograph the proposal. I picked the location based on my love of the “perfect view” of the city. All plans were set, ring was purchased and, before I knew it, the big day was here.

We woke up that morning in Monterey and enjoyed a run together around the bay. I think I needed a run to keep my nerves in check. We hopped in the car and drove north hoping the weather and time would stay on our side. It didn’t. The rain and traffic set us back a few minutes which was not ideal for a “scheduled” proposal. I was lucky to have a patient photographer who suffered through the rain. Fast forward to us pulling up to Battery Spencer, one of the best points to view the Golden Gate Bridge. We happen to park next to Kate who was pleasantly well-disguised. She gets out of her car within seconds of us and the rain slowly stops…


After a fun stroll up the hill (Kate walking parallel to us the entire time), we see the magnificent bridge. Light fog in the distance rolled over the hills. We took selfies, we took pictures for another couple, we took in the view and then… I got down on one knee. She thought I was joking, of course, since it was clearly a premature proposal for the 5 year plan. And she thought I was in the way of someone (Kate) trying to take pictures of the bridge! Despite her protests, I followed through with the question she had been waiting for, and her answer was OF COURSE!





A very special thanks to Bayardo Jiron of Hannon Jewelers for creating her amazing ring and to Kate Harrison of Kate Harrison Photography for capturing our special day.  We love our pictures.