Chris and Amanda

Image 1 of Chris and Amanda
It was a normal Friday. Christopher was a thousand miles away at the University of Notre Dame, and Amanda had a few morning classes at Loyola University New Orleans. There was going to be a Disney Trivia night at Loyola later that day, so Amanda brought her Rapunzel costume to school. Tangled is her favorite movie, so she had been very excited to get the costume from Christopher for Christmas. After changing into the costume, she headed to the main quad of Loyola. As Amanda turned the corner, she saw several hundred students gathered, all looking at her. Underneath the tree in the center of the quad, stood Christopher in his Flynn Rider costume. As Amanda ran to him, she saw his dog Cicero jumping around in an adorable Pascal costume. The couple embraced, and Christopher knelt to the ground, pulling out a box. The entire crowd started cheering as he asked the question and she said yes. This was the happiest day of their lives so far, because months of planning had finally paid off. They were finally engaged!

Image 2 of Chris and Amanda