Chloe and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I met in high school. He was the outgoing, personable football player and I was someone who kept to myself and ran with a small group of friends. Our school was big but I heard the name Nick Walker being thrown around from the moment I set foot on campus. He’s someone who if you know him, you love him, and he’s hard to forget.

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My Sophomore year we fell into the same friend group and found ourselves around one another more and more as the year went on. After spending more time together, I found myself thinking about him all the time. He was a risk for me. He wasn’t the kind of guy I would normally find myself swooning over but nonetheless he slowly but surely became my person.

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We eventually found ourselves on double dates and then spending nights driving around our town talking and dreaming about life after graduating and what it could be like together. Throughout many life changes– him going off to college, us heading to UCF together the next year, and then moving to NC this past year– we have learned more about one another than ever before and have shared incredible memories together.

Our friendship and the relationship was one of the most unexpected gifts that God has given me. I would never have thought that four and a half years later I would be engaged to Nick Walker. It’s both a dream come true and an answered prayer.

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On Sunday, July 8th I headed to church with my family thinking it would be just like any old Sunday. I live in NC and my family lives in FL and they were in town to visit while I was off work for the weekend.

The plan following church was for Nick, my family, and I to have dinner at a friend’s. Before both vehicles could leave the church, Nick called me and said that we needed to kill some time so that our friend could finish cooking. He suggested a park in town with a nice mountain view and said that we could take some pictures.

When we got there, we headed out into the field–and it was gorgeous! The sun was just getting ready to set over the mountains. We took some photos on our iPhones and hung out for a bit. I was completely clueless about what was happening the whole time, but I did comment on seeing more planes than normal pass over the field; little did I know it was actually one plane and it was circling the field, ready to take part in Nick’s proposal!

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After a few minutes, the plane came across the field and dropped a box attached to a parachute. The plan was for the box to land right near us but it ended up falling behind the tree line on the edge of the field. It worked out perfectly considering the box was a decoy to distract me and, after looking at the box confused, trying to figure out whose it was and why they dropped it here, I turned around to find Nick holding the most gorgeous ring (that he designed himself!).

Proposal Ideas Andrews, NC

That’s when he got down on a knee and asked me the question I had been waiting to answer for so long! I was shocked, in love, and so incredibly happy. I get to marry the love of my life! Following the proposal, we headed to the airport where we were able to meet up with all of our friends who came together to pull off Nick’s plan!

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