Chloe and Nick

How They Asked

A childhood friend of mine reached out to me to ask about doing some Christmas card photos with his girlfriend and their dog – but with a twist. He wanted to propose to her during their Christmas photos so she wouldn’t see it coming. He wanted to do it at the school they both attended for middle/high school because that was where they first met and fell in love.

We met on a windy afternoon in December. Nick brought his sister along as the “dog handler” (AKA secret champagne holder) and we walked around the school campus taking a few shots for “Christmas cards” about 15 minutes into our shoot I had them stand under an archway that Chloe really loved. I took a few shots and then Nick said “Oh wait I have something that will make this look even better” and proceeded to drop to one knee and hold out a beautiful ring for Chloe. Her reaction was priceless and she said “yes” as tears ran down her face. After we all took a minute to compose ourselves ( I always cry at my proposal shoots) we walked around campus some more to take pictures of them as an engaged couple, popped the champagne and played with their beautiful golden doodle.



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