Chloe and Nick

Image 4 of Chloe and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I met through a friend back when I was still in school and Nick had just left to go to university. We were childhood sweethearts! The funny thing is one day on the school bus I tripped and fell up the bus stairs and faceplanted them. Our mutual friend had sent a message saying her friend had just fallen, and then later that day I posted about my funny fall on Facebook. Nick then put 2 and 2 together that I was the friend and popped up asking ‘hows the face?’. 10 years and a house later, here we are!

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How They Asked

It was our 10 year anniversary this year on the 3rd of December. It had always been a thought that we would spend our decade anniversary abroad, but of course, due to COVID, that idea went out the window. Instead, we booked a lovely cabin in the middle of a farm not far from our home, where we planned to spend a couple of nights. However, our local area was plunged into full lockdown a couple of weeks before our anniversary and so all accommodation had to close and our booking was canceled. I was very upset, but now I realize how upsetting this was for Nick who was trying to plan a proposal!

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From then on we knew we would be celebrating at home instead, but Nick, trying to keep our spirits high, encouraged me to get my tan and naila on, do my hair and makeup, and dress up fancy for a night celebrating with dinner and drinks in the house. For weeks, Nick had been going out to our garage to work on an ‘anniversary surprise’ for me for weeks, and I was super excited to see what it was. After dinner, drinks, and cute gifts and flowers, Nick then finally took me out to the garage to my surprise. The garage had been transformed.

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There were white sheets covering the floor, ceiling, and walls, fairy lights hanging from the roof and on the floor, balloons, rose petals and candles everywhere, and pictures hung up all over the walls: one from every month we had been together. It was stunning. Even after seeing this I still didn’t think it was a proposal, but after getting me in position with me stuck staring at a cute pic of one of our dogs (all planned) Nick, behind me, said ‘it was always going to be today’.

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Instantly, I knew what was happening and burst into tears. Our friend who is a photographer then jumped out from the shadows and captured it all in amazing professional photos. It was the most amazing night of my life. The words Nick said were perfect. The ring is perfect. The proposal couldn’t have been better if we had been anywhere else. After 10 years of growing up together, I finally get to say I’m going to marry my best friend. How lucky am I to have met the love of my life when I was 15.

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Special Thanks

Jonny Douglas
 | Photographer