Chloe and Maurice | A Teacher's Dream Proposal

Maurice and IHow we met: Maurice & I met at a bar in Melbourne. He was running a successful night in the CBD, and my friend worked for him at the door. One night they needed somebody to fill in so I went with her, met him, our friendship blossomed from there.

how they asked: I am a teacher and Maurice had heard me talking about a few teachers from my school who I developed a close relationship with. He tracked them down through Facebook and tee’d up a time to meet with them. He asked the principal two weeks before he proposed if it was ok if he could ask me to marry him at school.

Fast forward two weeks, Maurice organised with 5 teachers and my sister to each hold up cue cards he wrote and the proposal began.

I had absolutely no idea what was going on which you could see through the expression on my face in the video!!!


Video by Purple Ribbon Weddings