Chloe and Matthew

How We Met

Only a couple of weeks after we met for the first time, we went to the gym together. As we were leaving my dorm, I tried to race Matt down the hill in an attempt to impress him. Unfortunately, it was a very steep hill and someone was in my way. As I tried not to mow down the cleaning lady, I tripped and fell, almost all the way to the bottom, skidding my knees, elbows, and hands. Our friends, who just happened to be walking by at the same time, stopped to make sure I was okay as they attempted to suppress their laughter. Matt, a little farther back and stunned by the fall, rushed to help me and managed to get me back to me room so he could bandage my wounds. At that moment, I realized how kind and caring he was. And he knew it would be a long road of adorable clumsiness forevermore.

how they asked

After five years together, I was getting a bit antsy to marry the love of my life. I knew it would happen eventually, but had no idea when Matt would decide to pop the question. Matt wanted everything to be perfect, and much to my surprise, had been planning an amazing proposal for months. He had asked my family’s permission two months in advance and had secretly picked up the family ring on a weekend trip home. He was all set- but he wanted to make sure I was thoroughly surprised. Our friend Harrison had the perfect diversion: he planned a “fancy party” to celebrate Harrison finishing finals in his graduate program and wanted all of our friends to come. Since we were already going to be dressed up, I suggested that we go to a fancy restaurant beforehand and Matt readily agreed. He set the reservations for 7:30 pm and we had a delicious Italian dinner before walking the few blocks to Harrison’s party. Matt suggested we walk through Seattle University’s campus to get to the party and as we walked by the Chapel, he asked, “Do you still want to get married here?” I responded that I did, and he squeezed my hand and smiled. Matt turned and pointed out the beautiful full moon. Then I heard the music- our song was playing from the bushes!

Image 1 of Chloe and Matthew

Matt turned me toward him, knelt to the ground, and asked me to marry him. After I said yes, there was an even bigger surprise. All of our Seattle friends ran out from where they had been hiding and gave us big hugs. Then, three of my closest high school friends ran out from their hiding place- they had driven 4 hours to come for this event! When I didn’t think the night could be any better, one more friend appeared- Molly, who had flown up from California just for this night! And then Matt pointed out that he had been able to get the whole event on camera- his coworker used his amazing photography skills to capture the moment. I was overcome with emotion by this time- the effort put into this night by so many of the people we loved most was astounding. And thanks to my best friend who Matt consulted, my ring fit perfectly! We all went back to Harrison’s house, where there was champagne and Edible Arrangements and lots of pictures to be taken. It was the most romantic proposal I could have ever imagined.

Image 2 of Chloe and Matthew