Chloe and Luke

Image 1 of Chloe and Luke

How We Met

I am from the UK, and after finishing my degree I spent a year volunteering in conservation in South Africa. One of the reserves I went to was a small family-run one. It was here I met Luke. He ran the volunteer program there and the reserve is run by his mom and grandad. I was due to be there 3 months, and after a few weeks, we were secretly dating eachother not wanting the whole of camp or his family to know just yet until we figured it all out and we were sure about eachother. Of course, we didn’t have to keep it secret long as we quickly realized this was it, they were the one. We did long distance for a year or so whilst I went back to the UK to study my Master’s, but once finished I moved back out to SA to be with Luke.

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Image 3 of Chloe and Luke

How They Asked

It was Valentine’s day and I asked Luke if he and I could go and watch the sunset together. We live at the volunteer camp so we are busy working 24/7 and never get time together just the two of us, even living on a beautiful reserve we had never just sat and watched the sunset alone. So on valentine’s morning, he agreed to get some pizzas for dinner and asked which was my favorite sunset spot. At lunchtime, he asked me if I was dressing up to which I responded no as we were only going to eat pizza sat on some rocks, but he convinced me to put a dress on as we never have the excuse to dress up. So I got out of my dress and he put his nice trousers, shoes, and shirt on… Living in the bush you would think I would have got suspicious, but he was so convincing that it was just a nice reason to not wear cargo shorts and dusty t-shirts.

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On the drive there Luke was very quiet whilst I was singing away to the radio, we pulled up at the lookout spot but I was busy looking at the animals out my window. I could feel Luke looking at me so I turned and he just had this nervous smile, he then looked ahead of us and upon the rocks was a beautiful set up of a table with a white table cloth, a vase of flowers, a teddy bear, all my favorite chocolates and champagne.. Believe it or not, I STILL didn’t suspect anything because I thought Luke was going to propose over Christmas, but he said “no it’s too cliche, everyone proposes then..” so I assumed valentine’s Day would be the same.

Image 5 of Chloe and Luke

I thought this was just all for valentine’s Day as we hadn’t got eachother any gifts. I walked up to the table where there was a poem about love and being together. When I finished reading it, I turned around and there he was, on one knee, asking me to be his forever valentine. It was perfect. Just the two of us, in our favorite spot on the reserve we first met and now live and work, in front of a beautiful sunset.

Image 6 of Chloe and Luke

Honestly, I couldn’t have planned it any better myself. We are now due to get married next February on the reserve where it all began. My family from the UK will be arriving on valentine’s Day so we are going to take them to the same lookout point to watch the sunset, just like the night he proposed 🥰

Image 7 of Chloe and Luke