Chloe and Jeremy

How We Met

Jeremy and I had mutual friends on Facebook. I was tagged in a photo with her and he thought I was cute so he added me. I usually never add random people, especially men, but for some reason I added him. He waited like six months to message me and when he finally did we messaged for about a week or so and finally went on our first date. We have been inseparable since our first date on August 13, 2011.

Image 1 of Chloe and Jeremy

Image 2 of Chloe and Jeremy

how they asked

We were both living in Utah at the time and he surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas, where I’m from, just for fun. I was about to take finals and he knew I needed a trip to de-stress. I had NO idea what he was planning! On our way down to Vegas, he got a phone call from a friend saying that he needed to log more hours flying in his helicopter and invited us to tag along. Obviously we said yes! So the next day we met him and the heliport and away we went. We drove over my house and all of my friends and family were outside jumping and waving at us. It was so much fun! Then, we flew over to Red Rock and landed on top of the mountain, overlooking all of Las Vegas. Did I mention it was sunset? Swooooooon!! It was so romantic. As we walked around on top of the mountain, as the sun went down, I turned my back to look at the scenery and when I turned back around he was on one knee. He told me how much he loved me, and that he knew he wanted to spend forever with me from the day he saw me, and asked me to marry him! I said yes! We had such a special moment as the sun went down, took tons of pictures, and we were back in the air. We flew over the strip and had a romantic ride enjoying the lights and each other. I’m still shocked to this day I had no idea. It was so romantic and a day I will never forget. I felt like I was on an episode of the bachelor. So romantic!

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Special Thanks

Jennie Slade
 | Photography