Chloe and Jeff

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Duchman Family Winery

How We Met

Jeff and I met in 2010 when our high school (we are from the same town) had a football playoff game in College Station. I was on the dance team with my sister. We rode the bus to the game but decided to see if her boyfriend would pick us up and drive us back home to Columbus. Josh (my sister’s boyfriend at the time and Husband now) arrived to pick us up, but he had someone with him. I was instantly obsessed with this man. I mean like embarrassingly obsessed! BUT, he was older than me. When I was in college, we reconnected and started dating. And the rest, as they say, is history!

How They Asked

We were in Wimberley with a couple that we are friends with for a different friend’s wedding. We decided to go have a few drinks at The Duchman Family Winery before heading over to the rehearsal dinner. We were having a great time! Testing ALL the wine. Jeff spilled red wine on his shirt and blamed it on tripping (he actually was so nervous he was shaking and spilled it on himself). My friend Chelsea and I asked a lady that worked there what we should do to get the wine out. She said, “white wine takes out red wine.” Chelsea and I looked at each other and without hesitation proceeded to pour our white wine on to the red wine stain on Jeff’s shirt. (Yes we were tipsy) It didn’t help at all! I was upset because we had to go to dinner after this and I didn’t want him to have a stain on his shirt. I thought he would be upset about it also, but he was like “it’s all good. It will come out.” I thought for sure he was drunk haha! Chelsea told us the manager offered to give us a free guided tour since the venue was not super busy. During the tour, we learned all about the wine and took tons of photos.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Duchman Family Winery

We started to walk out of the wine room and Jeff said: “let’s get some more photos.” I thought this was strange because Jeff STRONGLY DISLIKES taking photos. We turned to head back inside… and he started telling me what I meant to him. I immediately started to said “Oh my God. Oh my God,” I’m pretty positive I said it at least 100 times. He got on one knee and asked me that amazing question. “Will you marry me?” I honestly blacked out. I was crying so hard, black mascara was running down my face. I was trying to gently wipe away the tears as to not ruin my makeup. Jeff said the most amazing things to me at that moment and I will cherish it forever. When the hugs and crying fest were winding down, I went to the restroom to freshen up. Remember how I said I was being ‘gentle’ wiping away my makeup? Apparently, me being gentle is not a thing. I had a black mascara EVERYWHERE. I was in the restroom, balling crying still, washing my face with the hand soap, when Chelsea’s husband walks in and says, “Chloe, hunny, this is the Men’s Restroom.”

Special Thanks

Chelsea Conley
 | Friend taking photos