Chloe and Dwayne

How We Met

So my mom went on a beach trip weekend to be a “chaperone” for about ten guys, which I knew would turn into 200. Well guess what? It did! My mom called me the first day and told me about this guy that she thinks I would like. Well I added him on Facebook and thought he was SO CUTE. He was the football player at NC State and I was the sorority girl at a small school in the North Georgia Mountains. The only downside is he lived 6 hours away in Raleigh. About 6 months later I messaged him online just to see what would happen.

Chloe's Proposal in The middle of Times Square

We talked and talked and talked. We exchanged numbers and texted. Mind you it’s been a few months now. We have never seen each other in person, only over face time. I knew my sorority formal was coming up in the spring and I knew who I wanted to come with me. So, I asked Dwayne if he would come down and take me to formal. He said yes! I was so nervous to meet him in person. When he got to my front door it was literally like love at first sight. We hit it off the moment we met each other. I did not want the night to ever end.

Proposal Ideas The middle of Times Square

how they asked

On December 18, 2016 we packed our bags and headed to New York City. I had never been before and I was so excited! He had planned our entire trip out to a T. We stayed at the Westin in Times Square, which was awesome. Every morning we woke up and walked about a mile to breakfast and went off exploring the city. I have never walked so much in my life. We went to Central Park, Bryant Park, China Town,Grand Central Station, and rode the subway everywhere. I got to see the Rockefeller Tree, which was gorgeous. I also got to see the Bank of America Building in NYC, which was so special to me because my fiancé works for Bank of America and communicates with those people daily. But the BEST day was Tuesday December 20, 2016. This was the day of Lion King on Broadway. Dwayne bought us the best seats in the house because he knew it was my first broadway show.

I bought a beautiful lace green dress and sparkly drop earrings to wear to the show. As I was getting ready I asked D to iron my dress on a low heat setting. I will never forget him saying. “OH MY GOSH I JUST BURNED YOUR DRESS!”. I came around the corner and realized there was a huge black burn mark in the middle of the dress. Oh well, I wore it anyway because it was all I had. So, off we went to Broadway in the freezing cold. When we got there I took my coat off because they had the heat on blast and I offered to help D take his off. He said he was fine. I thought that was odd. I look over during the show and he’s running his hand across his forehead because he’s hot. I’m thinking to myself, why isn’t he taking his coat off?

Sadly the show was over and I was ready to go back to the hotel and change and explore the city more, but Dwayne was insistent we go into the middle of the city and take pictures in our nice clothes. I was along for the ride. So, we raced down (for some reason) to the middle of Times Square. When we got there I noticed there was a photographer and I’m thinking that we’re getting our pictures professionally taken, but boy was I wrong.

Dwayne told me that I needed to take my left glove off my hand and he got down on one knee and proposed. I was shocked! I was not expecting this at all. This was by far the happiest day of my life. After he proposed the photographer took us around Times Square and took our proposal pictures for us. He even stopped traffic in the middle of Times Square! This was literally picture perfect.

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