Chloe and Dallas

How We Met: Dallas and I both grew up in the same hometown, however, we did not meet until we went to college. We went to the same college in our hometown and that is where we met. There is no crazy love story of how we met. We met our sophomore year of college and stayed friends until our junior year of college when we started dating.

Image 1 of Chloe and Dallas

how they asked: Fast forward to winter break of senior year. Dallas was a few weeks away from studying abroad for 3 weeks in Greece. He told me that his family was going to continue on with their tradition of having a scavenger hunt for one of their presents like they do every year (they don’t really do this) and then we were going to go to a nice dinner after.

I got to his house and went in and we just hung out until it was “time to go to dinner”. His parents and sister decided to have the scavenger hunt first. We started with our clues. His went to his room, and then outside. His sisters went all around the house. My clues were inside jokes we have that led around the house, my last clue said “I love you more than all of the stars in the sky! Go out the back door and “follow the stars”.

Image 2 of Chloe and Dallas

When I walked out side there was a path lit up in Christmas lights and he was waiting at the end of it. When he got down on one knee the back lit up and said ” Marry Me”.

Image 3 of Chloe and Dallas

Photos by: Stephanie Williams