Chloe and Chris

How We Met

My freshman year in college, I walked into a party at the hockey house (I had a few drinks prior). I walked in with my friend and scoped out the packed room. I saw this one kid sitting on the couch across the room who caught my eye. This quiet guy with long hair and amazing eyes. I looked at my friend and I said, “you see that kid across the room with the backwards hat on? Yeah, he’s so cute”. The night went on and I made my way over to the couch and tried to not look so eager. I sat in between a group of his hockey teammates and tried to subtly get his attention. I did things such as go around the circle asking their hockey numbers, asking their names, just to try to get some information on this guy. The night went on and it ended up being two other people, and then us two on the couch and it ended in us holding hands. My friends grabbed me and we decided we would walk back to our dorm. This guy and his friend offered to walk us back (they also lived in the dorm). We walked back talking. When we got to the dorm, we went to our prospective floors. I somehow had his friend’s snapchat and eventually sent him a message telling him to have my crush come to my floor. They both came to my floor, and me and my crush stayed up until 7am just talking in the common room. The next day I had no idea if he would even remember who I was. Luckily, he knew I worked at the gym on campus. He visited me at work the next day and we exchanged information.

how they asked

We were on a family vacation to Disney World. We were about a week into our 2 week vacation. We went to Epcot and decided that the legal adults would drink around the world. We started in mexico and began to make our way around the world. We went to Italy, China, France, UK, Canada, and by the time we finished in Canada, it was almost time for the fireworks. So we decided to work our way backwards to go to Germany to get a beer and pretzel for the fireworks. My boyfriend decided to stop in France so we could take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower. He handed his sister his phone and his brother my phone. We then went in front of the Eiffel tower and began to pose. Then my boyfriend stated that he wanted to put his sunglasses in his bag. I thought nothing of it. He returned and began to put his hand on the middle of my back. I then flung his hand off my back (it was 90+ degrees but now I feel like a jerk). He then began whispering “Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” as he kissed my cheek. I replied “thank you but don’t you know we’re taking a picture?” and then he said “Well, theres no better way to do this” and I turned and looked at him, and he said “Chloe (last name)” as he bent down on his knee and finished “will you please marry me?”. I told him to stop playing games, and then he showed me this gorgeous diamond ring and I couldn’t help but have a rush of emotions. I obviously began crying and of course said yes. As the whole crowd started to applaud, I realized the rest of his family was watching from 20 feet away and did not know how to react. Luckily, everyone else knew it was coming but somehow nobody blew it! His brother bought champagne for the adults and we celebrated the rest of the night.