Chloe and Aldric

How We Met

From Aldric: It was a dark and star-filled night; the city Charleston, SC. The moon was peeking through the trees, and it was time for her to drive back to Columbia. As I kissed her goodbye a feeling that I had never felt before overcame me. Even though I knew I would see her in a few days, I started to cry as she pulled off. I knew then I was in love, and I never wanted to say goodbye again.

From Chloe: I was smitten with Aldric from the very beginning, but I would have to say the same thing about being IN love with him as he did. Aldric moved to Charleston a couple months after we met for a job. It was hard to see each other, but we both made the effort each weekend, or every other, to travel one way. Every time leaving became harder and harder. I would ball my eyes out driving back to Columbia. It was during that time I realized I wanted him to be in my life forever.

How They Asked

I am an artist. So I told her a month in advance that we would be going to the Columbia Museum of Art for an art auction to sell one of my pieces. I told Chloe that we would be in front of some very important people and that she should get her hair and nails done for the event. I had my friends and family set up around the museum hidden from sight.

Of course, I had to stall a little, so I made a couple of wrong turns and even stopped for some pictures. Seeing as she was getting annoyed that we were already late to this big event I had told her about, we finally headed towards the museum. When we got there, we almost got to the front door, and I turned around and said, “I’m sorry but I lied.” She caught an attitude very quickly, but when our friends and family started to walk out from their hiding places she realized what was happening! Tears, smiles, joy … boom, I’m the man. Drops mic walks off!

Special Thanks

Jessica Hunt Photography | PHOTOGRAPHER
South Carolina Statehouse | venue
Columbia Museum of Art | VENUE
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