Chiharu and Brendan's NYC Marriage Proposal

How we met: Both of us grew up in Oneonta, NY. In Middle School, we became really great friends and our Freshman year of High School we attended the Homecoming dance together.

998944_10200487500494613_1402941541_nHomecoming Dance 2005

We stayed good friends until Junior year of High School, he was busy playing football and I was playing soccer. Again, we went to the Homecoming dance together.

He asked me to be his girlfriend a few weeks after.

Homecoming Dance 2007

We continued to date through college. Brendan was at the University of Rochester playing football and I was at Quinnipiac University playing soccer. Distance was really hard, especially between two athletes whose seasons were both in the fall but we made it work and have been together since October 2007. We have spent numerous anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays together and this picture was our last Christmas together before Brendan went down on one knee!

IMG_1467Company Christmas Party 2013

how they asked: We went to New York City to bring in the New Year with our friends. We drove down a few days before the 31st and attended a Giants game on the 29th. The following day we checked into our hotel and went into the City for a long day of shopping and meeting up with my college friends for lunch and happy hour. We walked up 5th Avenue to Central Park where we both wanted to take a horse and carriage ride. By the time we got to Central Park, I was begging Brendan to go somewhere warm because we were both chilled to the bone. He had insisted that we take a picture on the bridge with the Plaza Hotel behind us. We took the picture (by this point Brendan had spotted the surprise photographer he had hired down by the water) and then he insisted that we walk down to the water and take one more with the bridge behind us.

When we got down there, we were looking for someone to take our photo and Brendan asked a woman taking pictures on her camera. She “took” a few photos on my iPhone and then insisted that she loves taking nice photos on her camera and emailing them to people. She took a few photos then Brendan dropped down on one knee and asked if I would marry him and obviously said “YES!”

After realizing I had said yes, everyone on the bridge and down by the water gave us a huge round of applause — an unforgettable moment!