Chicago Public Library Proposal

How we met: We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. That friend turns out is a librarian.


how they asked: Molly sleeps with a bunny, named “Bunny” that she has had her entire life. I asked her to marry me by creating a children’s book about our relationship. The book, “A Hare-y Tale” is a parable where Molly is “Bunny” and I am a Tortoise. The story chronicles our relationship and the last two pages ask her to marry me. One page asks and the other page awaits her response. The book is illustrated by Yoni Limor a professional cartoonist. He created 9 custom water color images to accompany the story. I then had the book bound by

I worked with the Harold Washington Library in Chicago to place the book in the Children’s section on the afternoon of the 23rd of March. They allowed me to place the book in their children’s new arrivals area. I then lured Molly down to the library where I showed her the book. Once she read the book, I got down on a knee and asked her to marry me.

I hired a friend and photographer (Aparna) to wait in the stacks and document everything. To make sure her nails looked good, I also had Molly’s friend take her for a manicure that morning — Molly had no idea that was part of the plan.


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From Molly: I was completely surprised by the entire thing – I had absolutely no idea it was happening and couldn’t be more thrilled. I knew Jason wouldn’t do something “cliche” but I never would have guessed he would have done something quite as intricate as this.

Proposal location: Chicago Public Library
The Artist: Yoni Limor
The groom wrote the book with editing help from Adam Chandler and Christina Bryza
Photos by Aparna Paul Jain Photography