Chibuzo and Noble

how we met

It’s a funny long story that I’ll try to make brief haha. So I went to college in DC and subsequently made many of my lifelong friendships in the area – because of this, I would always find myself making frequent 2.5-hour drives back and forth between NJ and MD for one function or another. On one day in September of 2016, I found myself making that drive again, but this time it was for my friend’s 25th birthday party. The gathering was really small and intimate with only about 9 people present. One of the guests at the party happened to remember that one of his friends actually lived in the same apartment complex that the party was being held at. He decided to text his friend letting him know about the gathering and little did I know, in walked my future husband. It was so funny – He came in, sat down, and introduced himself. When he said his name, “Noble,” I remember saying, “Noble Okeke?” He got really excited, and was like “Yea,” with a big smile on his face lol – I think he thought I might’ve known him from somewhere or maybe that we had a mutual friend. My next response was, “I think you follow me on Instagram.” Hahahaha. His face immediately changed to an awkward expression lol and he responded, “Yea, I follow everyone on Instagram.” I felt bad for making him feel awkward in front of everyone so I kind of just kept quiet after that lol. Believe it or not, we actually didn’t talk for the remainder of the party and I only found out later that he wanted to talk to me so badly, but the party actually didn’t end that pleasantly so there wasn’t really room for that. Afterward he tried and tried to figure out how to get my phone number so that he could get in touch with me. I asked him later, “Why didn’t you just ask your friend to ask my friends?” lol. He said he wanted to contact me on his own. So that leads to the next part of the story. Remember earlier I said that he already followed me on Instagram. So Noble contacts me via Instagram around November 2016 and asks me if I’ll be in town for Thanksgiving. I thought that was so weird, so I didn’t even respond lol. I thought to myself, “why would you think I would be in town? I live in NJ.” Hahaha. Anyways, he proceeded to try and make small talk with me from time to time, and sometimes I would respond, other times not (horrible of me lol). Then one day, he took the time to pour out his heart in one message to me that really caught my attention, though I was still being difficult. Little did I know, he already decided that this would be his last attempt to try with me lol. Anyway, one line in the message really stood out to me – “I just want to be in your space without getting in your way.” I thought that was so poetic lolll. Anyway, I finally decided to give him my number and here we are today lol :)

how they asked

So I was in the thick of my Master’s program and was soo stressed. I really needed a vacation. One day I told Noble, “Hey can we take a vacation and go somewhere?” He said, “Sure.” So that’s how we ended up traveling to Mexico (Playa Mujeres/Cancun) in January 2018. We had a great time and we planned every aspect of the trip together so, my guard was down and I had no idea that I would leave there as a fiance. I remember thinking that Noble would wait until I graduated that summer before he proposed. I also thought that when he proposed that he would surprise me somehow and since we planned the trip together a proposal didn’t even cross my mind. On one day of our trip, Noble asked me if it would be fun to do a dinner cruise or dinner on the beach. I hate the cold and thought that the dinner cruise would, for the most part, end up being pretty uncomfortable, so I chose dinner on the beach. A funny part of the story is that Noble and I had a slight argument on the day of the proposal and I found out later how scared he got, knowing that he planned to propose later that day lolll. Anyway, so we’re chilling on the beach in the day time, after doing an excursion and riding ATVs. Noble goes to go find drinks for us and I now know that he actually ran into a photographer who was there photographing someone’s wedding. He asked her if she could shoot our proposal and she did! That night when we were walking out to the beach, I noticed someone crouched in the sand with a camera and I got so annoyed and asked “Is she taking pictures of us?!” Hahahaha. I was annoyed because I felt that often times when I would travel to a foreign country, people would just start snapping pictures of me and I thought it was so odd lol. Anyways, we go sit down to eat and meet our waiter Saul who was sooo nice by the way. Noble decides to say, “Hey Saul can you take us a picture?” So Saul takes us a few pictures and then as we’re turning around to go sit down, Noble says, “Wait let’s take one more picture.” I’m all shocked and making a weird face thinking, “You want to take more pictures? You don’t even like taking pictures!” loll. Then he grabs my hands and starts telling me how much he loves me. All I start doing is saying, “Oh my God, Oh my God,” over and over with my head tilted back laughing loudly lol. I thought Noble was joking because I remember him joking like this before. But when he pulled out the ring box from behind his back I realized that he wasn’t joking and I asked, “Are you serious?” And when he told me that he was, the waterworks flew! I didn’t even think that I would ever cry, but oh man I cried lol. So afterward of course I face timed my mom, sisters, brother, friends, pretty much everyone I knew and showed them my ring lol. That was one of the best days of my life.

Special Thanks

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