Chiara and Will

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How We Met

We met randomly in Atlanta a few weeks before Will was actually preparing to move across the country for a job in Cleveland, Ohio. On an unsuspecting Sunday evening we got together for “a drink”. Which turned into a very fun evening with many drinks and a few of our friends joining. As crazy as it sounded, we continued to date and spent every last minute together for those few weeks up until he left.

We ended up dating long distance for the first year of our relationship and made 26 trips back and forth to see each other, alternating weekends and cities. Every day it became more and more apparent that we both were dedicated to doing whatever it took to making this relationship work. After a year, Will ended up applying for a great job back in Atlanta with his previous company and got it. We moved in together and have been living with each other and our sweet puppy Suzie ever since.

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how they asked

It was the 2 year anniversary of the day we first met and Will told me he wanted to recreate one of our first dates by first walking our sweet dog Suzie through Piedmont Park. This happens to be my absolute favorite part of the city so I was excited to take a stroll down memory lane with the two of them before walking to a nice dinner at a restaurant nearby. As luck would have it, I had an exceptionally crappy day at work and decided to make a pitstop on my way home to de-stress and purchase some random, unnecessary items (like a box of peaches, some wine, a lavender plant, and gag gifts for him). Little did I know, a lot of people were awaiting my arrival and I needed to get my butt home.

Will did a great job keeping his cool and waited patiently on me to get myself together…as usual! Once I was finally ready, we began walking towards the park where the first of my surprises for the evening were awaiting. I was so preoccupied with my own day that I somehow didn’t know how extremely nervous Will seemed. During our 4 block walk, I spent the majority of the time complaining about my leg hurting and how hot it was outside. Little did I know, I was about to get the surprise of a lifetime.

A few minutes after entering the park, Will pointed out a friend (Michael McGill) nearby standing on a hill. I began walking towards him without a clue as to why this friend might by standing on top of a hill at sunset in the park. He had an amazing photographer (Morgan) sitting sneakily on a bench capturing the entire moment perfectly. As we approached, he and two other talented musicians (Brian Revels & Chris Barron) turned towards us in unison and began playing my all-time favorite song. This song (Charles Bradley’s “You put the flame on it”) has major significance in our relationship as he first sent it to me to cheer me up from hundreds of miles away in the first year of our relationship as we dated long distance and we have now met Charles and been to 3 of his concerts together since.

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The moment was stunningly beautiful and he planned it out perfectly by scouting out the placement with his lovely photographer Morgan the previous week. We got to enjoy this scenic yet intimate moment together before my next surprise began. I was in a daze and quite literally walking on clouds when Will reminded me that we should head back for dinner. I almost never forget about food but could have definitely spent the rest of the evening staring at my perfect shiny left hand.

We walked back towards our condo to drop Suzie off at home, or so I thought. The restaurant in which we had our first date is located below our building so we frequent there quite often. Will asked if I minded going there for dinner and I happily accepted the offer without knowing that 50 of our close friends and family members were hiding in the restaurant waiting to surprise me and celebrate our engagement! It was AMAZING. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate the best day of my life! I’m one lucky girl.

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Special Thanks

Morgan Turnipseed
 | Photographer