Chiara and Joey

How We Met: We say “stumbled upon” because we happened so naturally but we’re pretty convinced our timing was perfect. July 2013, I had just returned from Italy, and was going to meet up with a friend, but I couldn’t stay long because I was driving to New York the next morning with Wifey (my best friend) to see Taylor Swift. Turned out we were friends with all the same people except he knew the older siblings, I knew the younger ones.

The Wharf in Hudson, a local spot where I went rarely, was the spot that changed it all for us. I’m impatiently stubborn and fiercely independent, I was not in any mood that night for a meet and great, or of niceties -I didn’t even bat an eyelash in his direction. Meanwhile; Joey a precisely calculated man with clear turquoise eyes and a tone so confident it was calming to have him around, he was actually concocting how he’d find a way to see my again.

He claims my curly hair and “sexy red Fiat” spoke to him that night. Our mutual friend played messenger-boy for about a month or so, and finally a VERY casual “date” happenened with Wifey and our mutual friend. After simple conversation over waterey caesars (as we like to remember), stale bar nuts and musky cigarette scent we left and went our separate ways. Early the next morning, a text message came in on my phone from Joey that he had sent to our mutual friend: “you were right, Chiara seems really nice and is very beautiful.”

A few days later we went for dinner and since that night I’ve only seen sparks fly. He asked me to be officially his 15 days after our first date, and 3 days after he saw what kind of cooking skills I had. He took me up the rooftop of a private building in the heart of montreal that required security to assist us to the penthouse balcony. He mentioned it was his favourite place to escape the city, but still feel apart of it, knowing he could still be looking at the world that mattered most to him.

how they asked: He has been my most fearless Yes I’ve ever leaped for; leaping is not my strongest foot-forward. Fast forward 18 months later and we just bought our first home together earlier this year and then on the morning of my 25th birthday he surprised me at work with a bouquet of flowers and macarons from Privelege . “Surprise babe!

I took the day off work today, you’re not working either and we’re going out, I discussed of this with Scott (my boss).” We drove to the city for a late brunch, and as we parked far from the restaurant (I always like the long walks, but Joey likes to park close, because his car is his baby) I didn’t think anything about his usual car “worrying/whining” because I didn’t know my diamond ring was riding in the car with us. We stuffed our faces full and I asked what was next.

He said shopping! I knew something was up, because not for a second was I falling for Joey taking me shopping. So I told him I wasn’t in the mood to shop, so lets just go home and spend the afternoon with Wifey. He insisted we go find an outfit for my birthday dinner (I had dinner reservations at Carambola for my family and us -not even aware that they were all in on my birthday surprise), and that he needed shoes. As we drove closer into the part of the city I knew we both recognized, flashes of him on one knee started to make me nervous.

I immediately started to catch on, and thought this couldn’t be possible. We parked (underground) and walked towards the “shoe store”.. There was no shoe store, all that was there was the same building from that first summer night we saw the whole world together as each others whole world. As the elevator took us back up to the penthouse balcony, I instantly started to ramble and tell him to tie his shoes, and to stop this behaviour instantly, that it was too cold and rainy and that we should not go outdoors right now.

He rolled his eyes at me, as per usual. We got outdoors, and he started getting nervous and asked if I was able to point out the new condos going up. As if ? Then I uncontrollably blurted out “can I have my gift!?” He said, “well all I have is card for you, for now”, as I tried to delicately open this card, and pretend to focus on what words he had purposefully written I scanned it quickly, and sure enough the bottom line said ‘ps.

Image 1 of Chiara and Joey

Do you wanna?’… I barely had enough time to realize he had gotten down on one knee in the puddles and rain, and said “do you wanna be with me forever? Will you marry me?”. Eventually I managed to hear what he was asking and I ecstatically squeaked out the word ‘yes’.