Chiara and Jason

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How We Met

Jason and I met through volunteering, we had a lot in common and loved spending time together. During a traumatic event that happened to my family, Jason was the first person we thought to call for helphe was there when we needed him most and hasn’t left our side ever since.

How They Asked

5 years later, we are engaged. Our proposal was genuinely the most peaceful experience I have ever had. Jason took me to a beachfront in Scarborough, where there was a table set up with my favorite snacks, drinks, and a white box. He then played a music video through his phone, which is when I quickly realized he had recorded himself singing one of my favorite songs by Forest Blakk. He embedded memories of my childhood and our relationship within the music video tooit brought me to tears! It was so beautiful and so romantic. When the music video ended, he asked me to open the white box and that’s when I saw that it was filled with doughnuts that read “down to marry me?” I said yes.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Emily Michelson
 | Photographer
Letterbox Doughnuts
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