Chia and Vinue

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How We Met

Flashback to 2006 in high school, I was a sophomore and my now soon-to-be husband was a senior. Not just a senior, but also one of my sister’s good friends. Whenever my sister would come home and talk to me about her high school drama and mention stories about Vinue, I would just laugh and laugh because I thought he was so funny even though I had never met him. It wasn’t until my sister’s formal dance night where all of her friends came over to our house to take pictures. I was the little sister running around the house and happened to be the one to open the door for Vinue when he rang the doorbell. After that, it was history. The very next day, he asked my sister about me and then snuck his phone into my backpack one day. We talked for hours and hours. Till this day he is still the funniest person I know. He makes me laugh everyday and makes me feel so loved and blessed to have someone like him in my life. With all jokes aside he’s also been my rock in serious times as well. He was the shoulder I cried on when my grandfather passed and he’s been my biggest cheerleader in life. There were many times he believed in me more than I believed in myself and helped me to take leaps of faith knowing he’d be right beside me every step of the way. We are not only high school sweethearts but also each other’s first boyfriend/girlfriend. He is my first and forever love and with each day I love him more and more. Twelve years later, we’ve bought a house, children two puppies, started our careers and are now finally getting hitched!

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how they asked

Even though we’ve been together for so long, the proposal itself was a complete surprise for me. I’ve always wanted to travel to Thailand and attend the infamous Lantern Festival they do each year around the fall time. We planned a 2 week trip with our best friends, Trang and Ryan (who we’ve also been best friends with since high school). We’ve taken many trips together, so I thought this last trip to Thailand was just another trip. We had a blast! We played with elephants, attended the Lantern Festival, ate tons of street food, and then finally made our way to the beautiful beaches of Thailand. We were roaming the beach and came across a tour company and decided to book a private boat for a day of island hopping. The next day, we were on a private long tail boat heading to Maya Bay. The views were breathtaking. Vinue told me to go to the edge of the boat with Trang to take a picture as if I’m looking at the mountainside. We take the picture and as I turn around, I just see him teary-eyed down on one knee. I said yes.

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