Cheyenne and Wade

how we met

We met on Tinder. Which wasn’t all that exciting. I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone serious on there. Our first date was the best first date I’d ever had though. We went to the drive in movie theater. They were playing three movies that night. We were only going to stay for the first movie but we ended up talking through the second and third movie too. It was chilly out and we laid out on a blanket and cuddled most of the third movie. It was an excellent start to the relationship!

I was driving to work one morning talking to Wade on the phone and I was just so overwhelming in love with him, at that moment I knew I wanted to marry him. There wasn’t anything really special about that morning but that’s always the moment I remember knowing he was the one.

how they asked

Wade proposed to me on a sporting clays course. I’ve been shooting sporting clays since I was 14 and worked at this particular course all throughout my high school career. The owners were like grandparents to me so this was a very special place. I knew he had the ring for about 5 months and at this point i’d given up on getting it! At the end of the course he took my hand and stopped me. He told me he loved me. I thought he was being super weird but I told him I loved him and kept walking. He grabbed my hand again and said “No, I really love you.”. Again, I thought this was super weird so I told him that I loved and continued on. One last time he grabbed my hand and said “I love you more than anything”, then he got down on one knee and said “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”. It was really special to me that he said “will you spend the rest of your life with me” instead of “will you marry me”. Marriage implies the rest of your life but his question felt more intense and that’s the part I always remember best about the proposal.

Special Thanks

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