Cheyenne and Shane

how we met

Me and Shane meet our Junior year in High School! He was very shy and so was I. We had our English class together and he sat across the room from me and any chance he got he oils always steal the seat behind me so he could sit near me! He asked me to be his girlfriend on Valentines Day in 2014! And we have been together ever since!

how they asked

So we went out on our 4th anniversary as a couple to PF changes on Valentine’s Day and we had plans to eat and go see 50 Shades Freed after. We were at the restaurant and we almost finished eating and we were waiting on the check and Shane needed to go to the bathroom. Well he has gone a little longer then normal! So when he came back out we got our stuff together and headed out side to his truck.
It was a little chilly and I was wearing a dress so I was cold and I wanted to get into the truck and he had the doors locked, he was on his side with the door open and his back to me doing something and I was banging on the window to let me in and he said “wait, wait, I want to open the door for you” so I said okay. So he walks over there and opens the door for me and I start to jump up into the truck and as I turn around to look at him he gets down on one knee smiling from ear to ear and asks me “Will you Marry Me?” My eyes started to tear up and I never even said yes! I immediately hugged and kissed him and he put the ring in my finger and he pauses and says “wait, you didn’t even say yes” and I giggled and I said yes a millions times! So, we never went and say 50 Shades Freed that night because I couldn’t concentrate and we wanted to go tell my family and his family! That was the night my forever asked me to be his wife!

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