Cheyenne and Sean

How We Met

Cheyenne and I started dating in high school. She was something different than any girl that I had encountered at the time and we hung out and things just really took off. She believes in me and I love her unconditionally. We have 2 children and she had been a devoted mother. She is everything to myself and our family. So this year when her birthday rolled around I wanted to make sure it was most memorable. I was calling everybody from my sisters to her family trying to plan this BIG proposal surprise. I tool much joy and pleasure in it too because she deserves it.”

how they asked

Let me paint the picture for Y’all. So it was my Queens birthday! She’s Twenty-Fine! It was a day of catering from me to her… Just the way it’s supposed to be. So we started off w/ Breakfast in bed w/ a personal good morning letter written from me to her… in the letter, I told her how I just wanna cater to her because today is her day. I made several appointments for her that she didn’t know about.

Everywhere she went I had a personally written letter from me to her leading her to the next location… from the hair salon to the makeup artist, to the nail shop, back home where a new dress I had waiting on her. She then was lead to our private helicopter ride where I was waiting for her. Man, I couldn’t wait to see my Baby!

After the flight I blindfolded her then took her downtown she had no idea where we were going as we strolled the downtown streets with her blindfolded in downtown Fort Worth to Sundance Square where all the fam and friends were waiting for at least 50 of our closest people if not more, I took the blindfold off they started to sing happy birthday as she smiled from ear to ear and we were near the end of the song I dropped to one knee and popped the question…. Now it was important to have my photographer there during the helicopter photo session at which time she had no idea what was going on, I highly recommend to hire someone to capture moments like these, because they are priceless.

So obviously she said yes ……Then everything else is history lol. The wedding date to be announced soon. Reach out to Ada Lee Photography! Shes The best and they travel. We may have a destination wedding so this is great! As a husband to be and father I am excited about planning our BIG day!

Special Thanks

Ada Lee Photography