Cheyenne and Robert

Marriage Proposal Ideas in My grandmas backyard

How They Asked

Our anniversary was the 15th of June and I hadn’t been feeling too well as I was 5 months pregnant with our baby boy so I wasn’t up to do much. Sunday, on Father’s Day he decided to treat me to mani and Pedi with hopes that would make me feel better although I would’ve much rather stay in bed (lol). Later on, we had dinner plans at my grandmas. After being pampered with I headed to my grandmas to find a house full of people. It was extremely overwhelming. As I greeted everyone Robert said, “surprise, I asked everyone to come over to celebrate our anniversary and Father’s Day”. I didn’t think much except this was a bit excessive. He then escorted me to the backyard where there were more people.

Where to Propose in My grandmas backyard

He told me he bought me a gift and wanted me to open it but turn around (facing opposite of him) and open the bag. When I did there was nothing in there so I turned around a bit confused and even more overwhelmed because all these people are staring at me only to find him on his knee staring at me. I immediately burst into tears because I didn’t expect any of this. He went on to profess his love for me after everyone screamed in excitement and asked me to be his wife.

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