Cheyenne and Martin's Puppy Proposal

Image 1 of Cheyenne and Martin's Puppy ProposalHow We Met: I first met him at a friends house while in college. All night long he kept calling me by the wrong name. I thought he just had issues thing of my name, but that was just his way of flirting. The nighter ended and we both went our separate ways. A few months later, it was right after finals and I decided to celebrate by staying in sweats all day and eating pizza. I ordered a pizza and when it came I was surprised to see that the delivery boy was him. We caught up, and flirted and I took my pizza and started dishing it out. I realized he was still standing in the kitchen. He then told me I forgot to pay him! I ran around looking for money, but didn’t have any. So I called my roommate and borrowed some for her, and left him a big tip! Embarrassed I said good bye and closed the door. It wasn’t until the following semester when things started to blossom. We ended up having a class together, and after weeks of flirting in the back we had a study date. Well a few hours before our date I fell while playing volleyball and got a concussion. I called him from the hospital, and he thought I came up with a lie to get out of the date. He soon realized that I was telling the truth. When I got home later that night he showed up at my apartment to help take care of me. Now a few years later here we are.

how they asked: We have a restaurant near us that our group of friends and us just love. We always go there to celebrate birthdays and other events. I thought we were just going there that day to celebrate his best friend’s upcoming birthday. I should have known something was up because all day he kept acting funny. He was impatience with the drive there, and hardly touched his food. Well lunch was done and our friend asked if she could take some couple photos of us for photography business. I liked the idea and we headed to the river front. While she was snapping photos of us, Martin told me to look behind us. That is when I saw our families walking up to us. His mom was holding a furry little puppy. He turned to me, and said he got the puppy for me. I quickly grabbed the furball, I have been wanting a puppy for years but could not have one while in school. I was hugging the little guy when Martin told me to look at his collar. He had a tag saying “will you marry my daddy?” And a diamond ring. I kept asking if he was serious, and he kept laughing at me. I yelled yes!! It was an amazing day, my family and friends were there, and I got a puppy and the man of my dreams.

Image 2 of Cheyenne and Martin's Puppy Proposal