Cheyenne and Jonathan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cress Street Beach, Laguna Beach

How We Met

From Cheyenne: We met at Saint and Second in Long Beach! He was the handsome, witty bartender and I was sitting at the bar just swooning over him while out with my girl friends. After a couple drinks and some fun conversations, my friends told me to leave my number and I refused – there was no way I was going to be that girl. It wasn’t until we were outside the restaurant that my friends told me they would not let me leave unless I left my number. A few minutes of going back and forth with them, I gave in and walked up to the bar and left my number on a receipt. And to my surprise… he called me! We went on a first date and he kissed in the parking lot on our way out, and that’s when I knew he was the one! I literally texted my friends and said “OMG, I just found the guy I’m going to marry!” They thought I was crazy, but when you know… you know! :)

Proposal Ideas Cress Street Beach, Laguna Beach

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Cheyenne and Jonathan's Engagement in Cress Street Beach, Laguna Beach

Cheyenne's Proposal in Cress Street Beach, Laguna Beach

how they asked

From Cheyenne: We both had been working a lot with our schedules being complete opposite of each other so we hardly had any time to just be together. On a random Sunday night he asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him the following Tuesday. to our favorite restaurant, 370 Common in Laguna Beach. I agreed and was ecstatic to get a night out with him. After an amazing dinner, we walked around for a bit. And by a bit, I mean we literally walked up one street and back to the car, which I thought was so weird but I was just excited to be with him so I didn’t mind! As we were driving home (or so I thought) he passed by a random spot off PCH and asked me if I’d been there before and, if not, if I wanted to stop. I didn’t want the night to end already so I was like Hell Ya! We parked, got out and walked down to the beach, only to see that it was PACKED!! It was the Super Moon high tide so there were tons of people everywhere checking out the waves. As we were looking out at the waves, he was telling me all these romantic things but I still had no idea because that’s just Jonny – my own Prince Charming! I didn’t realize what was happening until I looked up at him and saw this huge smile and his eyes welling up. Then he got down on one knee, in front of a ton of people, but it felt like the entire world stopped and it was only me and him. I honestly don’t remember what I said or even what he said. I just remember looking at him and crying my eyes out, then realizing it had be a while and I still hadn’t given him an answer… so I shouted a tear-filled YES!!!! Once I pulled myself together, I was able to explain to him that I didn’t remember what he said or my reaction and he said “don’t worry – I made sure you’d be able to have this moment documented forever,” and pointed up to a cliff where Erin, our photographer, was standing with a camera! And, of course that sweet gesture made me bawl my eyes out again. Then we frolicked around the beach, running in and out of the waves, under the most magical sunset while Erin documented our first moments as an engaged couple!

From Jonny: My fiancee Cheyenne is not only very intelligent but her curiosity is relentless. I knew I needed to catch her off guard or else I’d be proposing to a suspecting woman. We aren’t extravagant individuals so I knew that she would have been on high alert if I took her somewhere out of the ordinary. I asked her out on a date like I have so many times before. Dinner at our favorite restaurant in Laguna Beach – 370 Common. We got to the restaurant on a particularly hot July night. The restaurant’s AC was down so my nervous sweat coupled with the sweltering setting was in peak form. Once I paid the bill, I snuck off to the restroom before we left and texted my friend Erin who was at the site where I was to propose. She was going to capture the most special moment of my life. I suggested to Cheyenne that we take a drive and find somewhere to walk off our dinner. Cress Street bluffs provided the perfect backdrop to our proposal, but with one slight oversight… the super tides had completely submerged the private tide pool where I planned on asking her to marry me. I spotted the photographer and improvised. We made our way down the stairs to a crowded beach to get a closer look at the tide. The ring in my back pocket felt like it weight 100 pounds. My heart was in my stomach and I nervously fumbled over my words. Truthfully I couldn’t recount the exact words I spoke, but I knew that I wanted to live with her by my side forever. I got down on one knee and said, “I want to make sure we get moments like these forever. Will you marry me? After our quick black out from the rush of emotions, I pointed out the photographer to Cheyenne and told her that she captured the moment for us. We had a beautiful photo shoot immediately after, filling our clothes with sand and ocean. After our drive home we were greeted with a champagne toast from our family and then floated into bed. That is a night I will always cherish.

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