Cheyenne and Israel

How we met: We met senior year of high school at a mural friend’s party. I had an awkward but funny encounter with him earlier during the night. Once the party was over, I ran into him again when he came in from the backyard. He looked at me and I didn’t know what to say. I ended up sarcastically saying “my feet hurt.” Of course they had hurt from the cute heels I had been wearing all night. He replied sarcastically, “I can massage them for you.” Next thing I know, we both took it seriously and were sitting on the couch together and he was massaging my feet. Which seemed totally crazy! We conversated for a while, during which he gave me sweet compliments about my eyes and smile, which usually seem cheesy and typical. But his charm made me feel that the compliments were genuine and said with honesty. The rest is now history.

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how they asked: We went to Vegas for our five year anniversary. The day of our anniversay we went walking on the strip and decided to go to the Paris Hotel for the Effiel Tower Experience. We get to the top and he tells me to use the telescope to look around and enjoy the view. I proceeded and put the money in, totally clueless to his plan. I’m telling him now I see the Mandalay Bay Hotel closely as he’s calling to me to turn around. As soon as I turn around I see the love of my life on one knee with the most gorgeous ring in a box.