Cheyenne and Clinton

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Clinton asked me to be his girlfriend on September 23, 2010 and he asked me to be his wife on April 15, 2016. April fifteenth started out like any ordinary day…it was a Friday, so I didn’t have to work, but Clinton did (as far as I knew). Right before Clinton was to leave for work he “faked” a phone call from his job and came dancing into the living room telling me that he didn’t have to work that day. He then went on to tell me to get ready because we were going to take a quick road trip to Amarillo to go “shopping”. If only I had known what was to come…

I eagerly got ready, (we don’t get to leave our little town very often) and quickly became concerned about what we were going to do about our dogs because we never leave them alone. Clinton assured me that he would handle the dog situation, so we loaded up the car and hit the road. Two hours later we arrive in Amarillo, TX and Clinton drops me off at Barnes and Noble in search of a specific book (which did not exist) telling me that he isn’t feeling well and that he would meet up with me in a little bit. I searched for this nonexistent book while unbeknownst to me my boyfriend was next door picked up our engagement ring that he had created.

A few minutes later Clinton joined me in Barnes and Noble and told me that he was feeling better. We got back into his car and rather than driving toward the mall, which was the plan, he drove the opposite direction. I asked several questions about where we are going and why we are going this direction and he pretty much just babbles in response. After driving several miles we end up at Amarillo’s Botanical Garden. I was so excited because I had talked to Clinton about wanting to go there one day and this was a nice surprise.

Clinton and I walk around the Botanical Garden and chat a little bit about the flowers and plants (I was doing most of the talking). We eventually end up in a beautiful glass atrium that made me feel like I was in the rain forest, which isn’t too common in the Oklahoma/Texas panhandles. I heard a waterfall flowing and once we made our way to it, it was beautiful. We were all alone in this atrium with this beautiful waterfall and plants all around, so romantic! He goes on to tell me that he wants to take a picture of us behind the waterfall and he props his phone up on a rock and joins me by the waterfall. There was a bit of chatter followed by us posing for a photo which ultimately led to him getting down on one knee asking me to do him the honor of being his fiancee and wife. I, of course happily and tearfully accepted!

Once the quick pictures of us and the ring had been taken, he explained that the day was not over yet. We left the botanical gardens and he took me to a beautiful hotel that he had booked for us for the night. Clinton had packed all of my things without my knowledge and included my favorite black dress and high heels. We both changed into more formal attire and went on to my third surprise. Clinton had a table reserved at Macaroni Joe’s underneath a tree lit with Christmas lights. Our table was decorated with a beautiful vase of red roses from Clinton and I felt like a princess. I will never forget that day, it was perfect.

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