Cheyenne and Alexander

How They Asked

The day took planning. The Groom planned it as a surprise and kept the secret between only a few. He called her hairdresser to pay for a surprise pampering as a “gift” the salon gives his favorite clients. The groom also planned some of her closest friends to get their nails done as a prep for someone else’s birthday. After those were settled the groom asked one of his closest friends, Greg, who studied photography in college to assist in taking photos. The bride had never met Greg so he was able to wait at the waterfront in the distance.

The set up was all to meet at the Waterfront in Boston when the sun was just above the city skyline around 2-3pm. When everyone was in place the group was together at the perfect moment on a 6 degree winter day and the Groom asked the Bride to stand with him near the water, when he got on one knee she was in shock and disbelief before welling up with excitement and saying “yes”.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Boston Waterfront

Special Thanks

 | He helped with the brides hair as a surprise before the proposal
Greg Balan
 | Planning
Greg Balan
 | Photographer