Cheyanne and Bryson

How We Met

Bryson works in the music industry. As do I. I mainly do graphjc designs and visuals. I was on tour working as a photographer and we ended up meeting backstage. I had known about him since before the fame and we instantly clicked. We continued communication and all of a sudden fell in love.

how they asked

A local Louisville photographer dmd me and told me that she wanted to do a mock proposal shoot with us because we were “the hottest couple in the city.” I asked Bryson about it before I gave her a response and he thought it was an amazing idea. Apparently after I asked him, he dmd her asking if he could make it a real thing. I was prepared to pretend to be surprised. We finally got tk the shoot and did a few poses. When it got to the “propsal” part, she took the pictures and Bryson asked. I was like “Its a picture Bry. Not a video. You dont have to as.” He responded “No baby. This is real. This is real. Will you marry me?” I thought he was being the goofy soul he always is but turns out he was serious. I bawled my eyes out and finally said yes. I now get to spend eternity with the love of my life.

Cheyanne and Bryson's Engagement in Louisville KY

Special Thanks

Sara Ann | 
Markea Bivens | 
Setting Up The Surprise
Lydia Sparks | 
Helping Surprise Me