Cheyanna and Colton

how they asked

We were on a week long hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains at the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. The day he asked was kind of just a gloomy and rainy day. He planned on asking me at Wykee Peak, which is the tallest peak where we were, but it started raining so we weren’t sure if we would make it up there. Then he was going to ask me by this big beautiful waterfall, but it started raining again. So we were hiking back to our base camp and we were taking lots of group pictures along the way. Then we stopped at Upper Sonnicant Lake and the weather was absolutely beautiful! Colton told me that his dad wanted another group picture by the lake, so him and I were trying to find a good spot for it. However he said he wanted a picture of us first, and gave his sister his phone to get a picture of us.

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Then I noticed the entire group of 30 people were up on a rock all looking down at us and taking pictures of us as well and I was really confused why they all wanted pictures of us! Then colton and I turned around to look at the mountains that were behind us, and all of a sudden he told me to turn around. He was down on his knee, and had the most perfect little diamond ring in his hand. I said yes, and everyone started to hoot and holler! It was the perfect setting, perfect ring, and most importantly the perfect man!