Chey and Tommy

Chey's Proposal in Point Reyes Seashore, CA

How We Met

Tommy and I met at a Superbowl Celebration in downtown San Francisco last February. A good friend of mine, Angela Graves had said a friend of hers had just moved out to the bay area and he was going to meet us there. I didn’t think much of it, but then she introduced us and I knew I was interested! Later finding out he was thinking the same thing. We briefly talked that night, at a One Republic concert, then we all went to Bob’s donuts (a favorite) and then back to Angela’s. Tommy had taken the train into the city and I had driven so I offered to give him a ride home since we also found out we live pretty close to each other. we got to talking more in the car and I got to know him better. After that, we started hanging out more and more often and Angela was the perfect connection because she was such a good friends of both of ours. and that’s where it all began! So, big shout out to Angela Graves for introducing us!

how they asked

WHAT A COMPLETE SURPRISE. Tommy and I were both in town on a Saturday, which is rare, so he suggested we take a drive up to Point Reyes and see the lighthouse. he had never been there before and was dying to check it out. The only problem – it was pouring that day. i debated and kept going back and forth about going, insisting we take the day to stay in and go see a movie instead. Finally we decided we would make the trek up there. we stopped in Sausalito for a quick breakfast at this beautiful french restaurant called Le Garage, and then made our way to Point Reyes. It’s a bit of a drive from the Peninsula, but by the time we got up there the skies had cleared up and it turned into a dry, overcast afternoon.

We started walking on this little trail to this spot that overlooked the ocean. I had been to the lighthouse multiple times, but had never gone on this trail before, so when he said we should check it out I agreed. we walked down to this gorgeous scenic overlook, and there was a bouquet of roses waiting on a rock. I wasn’t suspecting a thing, so when he picked them up I was confused and wondering why he was taking someone else’s flowers. he then got down on one knee and popped the question!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Point Reyes Seashore, CA

Chey and Tommy's Engagement in Point Reyes Seashore, CA

I was SO excited and couldn’t believe it. I then turned around to see Annie (a good friend of mine) and Angela (the girl who had introduced us, also a good friend of mine). and they had been there the whole time taking pictures, setting up the flowers, etc.

Proposal Ideas Point Reyes Seashore, CA

(Later I found out that Annie and Angela had run out of gas on the way to the lighthouse and had to hitch-hike the rest of the way there, now those are good friends). But they managed to still be there before us and make it a total surprise.

And then noticed Jiyeon (the photographer he had booked) had captured the whole thing. we then stuck around in point reyes for an hour or so and took lots of beautiful pictures and then drove home. on the drive home, we were just about to the golden gate bridge and fireworks started going off randomly, a perfect end to a perfect day!

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