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Where to Propose in Harry Potter World, Universal Studios, California

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I don’t know how many people aren’t fans of Harry Potter, but I assure you I’m not one of those. I am a huge HP fan and so are my friends. My fiancé, however, not so much. He’s more of the science-if, murder mystery, CSI, space odyssey, psychological thriller- type guy. But he knew my affection for HP and conspired his plans to propose with the help of my best friend and another mutual friend of ours. It was going to be such a big weekend (or so I initially thought) because his mom and sister came in from a Washington as a high school graduation gift for his sister, my mom was visiting for the summer and my best friend and my boyfriend were all there. There was so much love I couldn’t have been happier… or so I thought ?

The day we went to Universal was a beautiful day, sunny, clear and not too hot. Just like a kid, I skipped with my boyfriend in tow as we crossed under the sign to enter Higsmeade. First thing on the agenda, get Ellie (Marcus’) sister her very own wand. I had already had my own from when I visited HP world in Orlando but it still felt just as magical going into Olivander’s and seeing the stacks of wands on the walls from floor to ceiling. I’m pretty sure we spent close to an hour in Olivander’s which was fine by me. Next up, we all had lunch at the 3 Broomsticks… need I say more.

Afterward, I could see my Sarah (my best friend), Marcus (boyfriend) and Hunter (mutual friend) all kind of shy away from the group as we exited the 3 Broomsticks… being the FBI agent that I am, I was a little curious, BUT I didn’t want to spoil anything so I pretended not to notice. Eventually, the guys said they needed to go to the “men’s room” and all the ladies walked that way. Then we picked up again, me and boyfriend hand in hand as we walked slowly towards the HP ride “Escape from Hogwarts”. As we got closer towards the entrance, two young HP workers came towards us and said,

Female Worker: “Hi!!! Would you like to be sorted into your House today?”

Me: “Sure! I took the online sorting quiz and it said Ravenclaw so hopefully it says the same thing”.

So the girls place a legit sorting hat on my head which was way too big and slipped over my face as it began to sort me. And sure enough, RAVENCLAW! And as everyone started to clap for my sorting, the other young female worker gave a look of astonishment as she looked at me and pointed across to something on my right…

As I looked over, I see my boyfriend kneel down and pull out a life-size SNITCH (wings included) from his pocket.

“Babe, you know I love you very much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I would be honored if you would marry me.”

As my boyfriend says this, to which I’m trying not to bawl my eyes out and try and remember what he’s saying while thinking he’s so handsome and how he’s nervous in front of crowds and STILL proposed in front of the growing crowds, he opens the snitch to reveal a perfect, rose gold vintage-styled engagement ring sitting perfectly in the center.

All I could do by then was nod with a huge smile and say “ABSOLUTELY!”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Harry Potter World, Universal Studios, California

My boyfriend then shakily takes the ring and places it on my finger. He stands up and gives me the biggest bear hug in the world as everyone around us (which sounded like the entire park lol!) applauded for us.

Cheryl's Proposal in Harry Potter World, Universal Studios, California

It was a perfect day and has been every day since then. I couldn’t have imagined a more ideal way to propose.

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