Cheryl and Kyle

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How We Met

Kyle and I met when we were freshman in high school in 2009. His locker was two lockers down from mine and we had many classes together. We began getting closer throughout the years in high school and ended up going to turnabout together and junior year prom but never dated. It wasn’t until about a year after high school where we admitted that we liked eachother. This was around the moment I was about to move to Arizona to go to school for Occupational Therapy in 2015.

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We loved eachother so much that we decided to try out long-distance while he stayed in Illinois to go to school for Human Resources. Throughout that long-distance, we learned so much about ourselves and how to love someone without giving up. We went through many Viber calls and Skype dates. Although it was tough we never managed to allow distance to be a reason to give up. Fast forward, we are still long distance and it has been five years of it. Our plans are to move in together this summer, back to our roots in Illinois where it all started!

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How They Asked

It was New Year’s Eve in 2020, we booked a hotel stay at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago where we planned to just relax and have a small celebration just the two of us. We casually went about the day with our usual routines when we go to Chicago and took the train and got an Uber over to our destination.

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We end up checking into the hotel and I walk into our hotel room and see beautiful white rose petals on the floor, fireplace mantle, on the bed in the shape of a heart, and everywhere! The curtains were all pushed away so the windows in our hotel room just exhibited views of the stunning Chicago skyline. It was absolutely beautiful. Then, he goes down on one knee and I couldn’t stop jumping for joy! I said, YES!

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