Cheryl and David

How We Met: I’m a BIG believer in the Law of Attraction, so in December Image 1 of Cheryl and David2011, I posted the following Facebook status:


But first I’m going to find someone to date.” Almost two months later, and with a little help from (our paths never would have crossed otherwise), we went on our first date to Shogun Japanese Steakhouse, but he asked if I would mind sitting at a table instead of at the hibachi grill so that we could talk instead of watching “the show” while our food was prepared. We chatted for a while, and our conversation flowed smoothly…we didn’t run out of things to talk about and laughed quite a bit.

Near the end of our meal/date, a former parent (I’m a teacher) came over and told him that he was lucky to be there with me because they loved me and I deserved the best. For the record, I felt like *I* was the lucky one being there with him! It seemed like we were a perfect match (good job internet).

Little did I know that our date would turn into an amazing adventure filled with nothing but joyful moments whether we are spending time with our kids, traveling, running half marathons together, or just hanging out. Oh, and remember that Facebook post? 1,225 days after our first date…that’s 175 weeks later…we got married on the #1 beach in the nation!!!

how they asked: I’m not one who likes attention, and he knows this, so he kept the proposal a secret. NOBODY knew. After everyone finished opening their gifts, one box remained. It sat hidden in the corner, and it was a rather large box. I knew that was definitely NOT a ring box, but he likes to throw me off track (he surprised me on my birthday with a trip to New York) so could it be?

Image 2 of Cheryl and David

David pointed it out and said that it was for me…my heart skipped a beat!! I carefully unwrapped it and found a router box? He told me to open it. Inside of the router box was a Camelbak to train and stay hydrated with while running.

Image 3 of Cheryl and David

We had already run a Disney half marathon and had another a few weeks after Christmas. I thought this was an odd gift because the race was so close, and I had never mentioned one. He told me to check the pocket. It was empty…hah!

He told me to check the OTHER pocket, and inside was a little Image 4 of Cheryl and Davidblack velvet box with a GORGEOUS diamond ring inside!!! Since nobody knew this was coming, so there were no photographs of the actual moment, but they will forever be captured in my heart and mind!

Happily Ever After 6 Months Later…

As I mentioned previously, we just got married during a sunset ceremony on Siesta Key, Florida which recently gained the title of the #1 Beach in America on TripAdvisor.

If you’ve never been there, wehighly recommend it!! It’s located right next to Sarasota and is about an hour south of Tampa,. Siesta Key Beach is by far, the nicest one I’ve been to, and we plan on going back!