Cheryl and Alex

How We Met

About 3 years ago I was working at the 32 precincts in New York City, I had about 4 years on the job and I was still patrolling on foot. And I remember coming into work and seeing this new handsome sergeant at the front desk. I Leaned toward my co-workers and stated: “who the new stud?!” Who would’ve guessed we would be engaged two years later! Alex and I love our job and often find ourselves squeezing in quality time, being that most of our dedication goes out to protect the community of the Big Apple!

How They Asked

Yesterday we not only had the opportunity to start a new tradition and spend the day together (finally) cutting down our own Christmas tree but my Best friend, my partner in (FIGHTING crime) and the love of my life asked me to marry him and of course, I said yes!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Battenfeld Christmas tree farm

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Battenfeld Christmas tree farm