Cherish and Blake

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How We Met

We were high school classmates. We had few mutual friends and hardly spoke to one another at the time. We first met in 10th grade in a physical education class. He didn’t make the best first impression on me, out of all his friends I met that day, he was the most introverted, and the least welcoming. Most people who knew us from back then were shocked at how our story evolved, and that we went on to fall in love. Not the classic “love at first site” tale and more like “great second impression.”

We reunited in Secondary school, the summer before I started Practical Nursing School. Blake was supposed to be departing to the mainland for basic training with the Canadian Military. Blake surprised me on a late night pizza run, I was out wearing sweats and leggings, not really inviting conversation or wanting to be seen by anyone I know. He came up to me directly as I was waiting to pick up my order, and said “hello.” We had a brief conversation, and I got my food and left again. I was surprised he had approached me and more surprised he had been so nice! He was not the Blake I remembered from high school. This man was forward, and seemed to know what he wanted, (should I reiterate I was in sweats?)After that encounter I never gave it much thought. Blake made to sure to keep me on the brain however. He got my Snapchat handle from a friend and proceeded to add me. He messaged wanting book recommendations, I haven’t seen this man read one novel in our 5.5 years together but, I guess this was how he best thought to talk to me at the time, even though he never ended up reading anything I suggested.

After a couple of weeks conversing over message, he slipped me his number and suggested we go out as friends, for a evening hike in Madrock, NL. I had no expectations from this outing, I accepted really as I thought it be something to do for an hour, and then I’d just come back home. I wasn’t expecting what happened next.We had an amazing date! The views on the hike were stunning, with the sun setting over the hills. We went for coffee afterwards, and then a short drive. An hour hike, turned into a late night walk along the beach, and a midnight kiss under a virgo moon. We spent more and more time together following our date, fell in love, became official a few weeks later, and continued our relationship for the next 4 years.

How They Asked

It was 10 days before Christmas, and we were anticipating a crazy holiday season. We wanted a peaceful night for ourselves beforehand, so we took a quick trip to St. John’s, NL to spend the night, go out to dinner, and see some of the town Christmas displays.

Rewinding a couple of months before, Blake suggested while shopping we go look at some rings. We had a vacation planned for the following October, and to be quite honest, I was expecting Blake was going to propose then! It threw me off a little when he wanted to look at jewelry at this time but, I figured he wanted to get an idea of what I liked, and I wasn’t obliged to trying some diamonds.

I’m a confessed rose gold queen, I loved that metal and thought it looked good against my skin, and wanted to pair it with an elongated center stone. We saw a rose gold ring with a pavé band and an emerald shaped diamond. It was gorgeous! It was everything I wanted, and yet when Blake unexpectedly turned to me and said “If you want it, say the word, and we’ll get it wrapped up right now.” I was unsure. We made a final stop into Michael Hill before leaving the mall, and there I saw a beautiful white gold ring with a beautiful vintage inspired halo and an oval diamond. It was gorgeous! I never seen myself liking a ring as much as I did until I seen this on my hand. Blake must’ve agreed, because although we left the store empty handed, he returned alone that night, when I thought he was picking up sushi takeout, and bought my dream ring.

Back to December, we walked through the wintry festival of lights, listening to the sounds of Christmas, and enduring really cold winds. As pretty as the displays were, I admittedly wanted to return to the car. I rushed through the remainder of the trail until Blake stopped me in my tracks, holding me in a tight embrace. He got on one knee, presenting a lavender coloured ring box. He opened it to reveal that very ring I fell in love with months before. I quickly said “okay” in my near frozen state, ran back to the car with him, and suggested we grab a coffee.My shock wore off, and I stared down at the glittering stone on my finger, and looked at my new fiancé with so much adoration. We were getting married, and I couldn’t be happier!

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