Cherish and Barry

how we met

We first became acquaintances in 2008 at a service station in my hometown (Baton Rouge, LA). This brief encounter revealed that I was in high school and he was in college. He joked about me being in high school and we both agreed the timing just wasn’t right. Little did we both know we were destined soul mates. Fast forward six years later our paths crossed again through mutual friends and this time it really stuck. We exchanged numbers. From that day, we spent days and nights talking getting to know one another. A month later, he made his way to back to my hometown so we could spend time with each other and have a real first date. Our first date was at Kona Grill, we spent the entire date talking, cracking jokes and enjoying each other’s company. We sealed the night with a kiss and the rest is history.

how they asked

Barry decided to propose to me over the Easter weekend in 2018. His family was having a cookout to celebrate Easter in Baton Rouge, LA. Barry had recently received a professional camera for his birthday and decided to practice his photography skills by taking photos at the cookout. To Barry, this was the perfect opportunity to propose. As the day went on and the sun started to set Barry gathered everyone to take family photos. He had planted the ring in his camera bag. He took two photos and called my name to come help him, making me believe the camera wasn’t working properly. I hurried over being the tech savvy person, I think I am, to help him. I proceeded to say “Barry you never know what you are doing with this camera.” Little did I know he knew exactly what he was doing this time! Barry gave me the camera, dropped to one knee and grabbed the ring box out the camera bag. He took my hand, I notice the ring and in the mist of my SHOCK, I registered he was proposing. I immediately turned and looked at everyone with the biggest grin! Barry expressed his love, tears running down my face he asked me the most important question I’d ever been asked. Will You Marry Me?? Of course, I said YES!! We will be celebrating our union July 2019.

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