Chelsy and Marcus

How We Met

Marcus & I met his sophomore year of high school/my senior year of high school since he was younger I was always super hesitant to even talk to him but eventually gave in and decided to see where this might take us. He was like a breath of fresh air in comparison to any relationship I had been in prior. He claimed to be good at football but yet had never played a snap on Varsity, coming from a football family, I would be the judge of that. Our relationship progressed and I began to realize this is who I had been praying for.

Chelsy's Proposal in Pebble Beach

Marcus was a lot better than good at football he went on to break all of our high school’s records at quarterback and went on to get multiple D1 offers and ultimately decided on going to Oregon State. Two years into our relationship we decided we were going to take on long distance- with a lot of FaceTime dates, road trips, plane flights, and prayers we made 700 miles apart work for 3 years! Football opportunities made it possible for Marcus to transfer back home to Fresno State University and play his final 2 years 10 minutes away from home. We are now 7 years into dating and stronger than ever with the most adorable dog!!

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How They Asked

Marcus was planning a birthday weekend trip (his is May 30th mine is June 3rd)- he told me we were going to have a “fun” birthday weekend but wouldn’t give me any more details. I didn’t think anything of it because we always try to celebrate our birthdays with a bang. This morning on the drive to our helicopter tour (that I knew nothing about- in one of our favorite beach towns) he seemed nervous, I assumed it was because he hadn’t eaten all morning & he gets “hangry.” Following our helicopter tour, he took me shopping to find a dress for a “fancy” dinner he was going to be taking me to that night, little did I know I was picking out the outfit he was going to propose to me in!

Before checking in at the restaurant he insisted we take a self-timer picture (super typical thing for us to do) I spotted random roses that I immediately questioned he replied maybe someone left them? (Again I didn’t think anything of it) During our picture, our families came walking towards us (180+ miles from home NO IDEA they were there) and I immediately knew what was going on.

He pulled me towards the roses and spoke about all of our moments up the last 7 years and the next thing I knew he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I was bawling my eyes out speechless but it was the easiest question I’ve ever answered! I looked up and saw our family running towards us and at that moment everything was perfect!! The absolute best day.