Chelsie and Hayden

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How We Met

It was may 16th 2014. We had been following each other on social media for years and had never met or talked just had friends of friends in common. Finally, he reached out ONLY because I had a top golf platinum card and could play for free at the Dallas location. He thinks he’s getting a night of fun free top golf when really he got stuck with a wife forever haha! So we went one night with a few mutual friends so it wasn’t that weird and we hit it off. We were friends for about 3 months before we started to take it further. But when we did we were inseparable and so cheesy in love. And that’s when he went back to school in Arkansas. We have now done 30 months of long distance from Arkansas to Texas and he FINALLY graduates in May!!!! I can’t wait to have him with me always and not have to say goodbye again!

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how they asked

Okay so I am the HARDEST person to surprise. Like the kind that looks up bachelor winners before they’ve even met all the women ?. I’m basically thinking it’s coming so I’m guessing every location it could be. My friends and him are friends so any time I’m telling them where I think it’s happening they are sending it to him. So I think I’ve got it pinned down. We were going to top golf January 14th 2017 where I was 100% sure it would be (because that’s where we met). Well Friday night the 13th he sits me down and is telling me how he wants to move home from Arkansas first and get stable before anything happens. So now I am sooo upset. I’m thinking wow we aren’t getting engaged for another year. Little did I know this was part of the plan because again I am sooo hard to surprise. I go home and tell my parents that I thought it would be soon but apparently not.

The next day comes and he said he was playing golf with his brother and dad. I spent the day at my sisters volleyball tournament. We were planning on going to top golf around 6 with a few of our friends. Obviously at this point the idea of engagement was so far gone after our talk the night before. Well, he texts me saying “hey Brittney (his sister) wants to cook for us at her new house at 6 can we do that before we go to top golf?” So I reply and say okay sounds good and text my friends to tell them we’re going to be going a little later. Silly me they already know!! 5:30 comes around and my family is leaving to go to dinner with some friends.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in His sisters house

I wake up put some clothes on and head to his sisters. I park my car and open the door. I see rose petals and candles everything.

Chelsie and Hayden's Engagement in His sisters house

Surely this isn’t how Britt decorates her new house? I walk down the entryway to see Hayden standing there, looking handsome as ever, waiting for me. He takes my hands (after I cry and freak out) and reads me our favorite verse of the Bible as a couple. “I thank God every time I remember you” Philippians 1:3. He talks about top golf and meeting me and me being so good for him.

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He finally gets down on one knee and says my full name and asks me to be his forever. Of course, I say yes.

We hug and kiss and we are both crying.. he would say it was just wet from hugging me and it rubbing on him… lol. I ask if he had talked to my dad and if he told my family. Then they all come in from outside!!! I was so happy to see both of our families. We celebrate for about an hour taking pictures and then we head to top golf. I’m texting and calling all my friends so excited telling them I’m engaged!!!!

We get to top golf and what do you know. He had rented 2 bays and I see about 40 of our friends and family waiting for us. They had set up pics of us everywhere. We had ‘she said yes’ cupcakes. The night was so perfect. I could not have asked for anything better he did sooo good!!!