Chelsia and Nicholas

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How We Met

Nick and I met through mutual friends in Montreal, in the fall of 2013. We were both college kids then and had a blast at our mutual friend’s birthday trip to Montreal! After we graduated and moved back home in 2015,our friends kind of merged into one big group and so I’d say we stayed pretty good friends. At some point, our paths aligned and he asked me out! It’s been almost 6 years since we started dating and we’re excited about what life has planned for us!

How They Asked

Nick and I are pretty casual people for the most part, and so when he asked me to wear something nice… I had a gut feeling it was going to happen. Well actually, that and the fact that he took the initiative to plan a date to the vineyard! Little did I know, Nick had been holding on to the engagement ring for over 3 months, asked my friends for ideas, told my family what he was planning, AND hired a photographer to capture this memorable day!

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It was a sunny March afternoon and I was pretty excited as we drove to the vineyard all dressed up. His first surprise for me was reserving a private outdoor igloo just for the both of us! After some vino and cheese, he decided to take me on a walk around the beautiful vineyard grounds. As we walked closer to the lake, he turned me around and asked if I had any clue what was about to happen… to that I said yes, and Nick was shocked! We both laughed about it and he proceeded to get down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! & I said yes! (woo!)

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Special Thanks

Taylor Ochoa
 | Photographer