Chelsi and Nicholis

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How We Met

I’ve known Nicholis cousin for years because we went to elementary school together. I saw his Facebook and saw we both had her as a friend. I decided to add him, a few weeks pass by and I noticed he would start to love all my photos. I figured he would sooner than later message me and say hello. I kept looking at his profile and thought how cute he was, I liked a video on how to make your own pop tart cereal & he commented “going to make this this weekend” which I found out he never did ;) anyhow we joke around and say the pop tart cereal started us. Almost been together for four years & still love every second of it.

How They Asked

Nicholis had this all planned out with the help of his mom, brother, and sister. We already had a family trip planned with his family to go to Disney for a few days, while planning it I joked to his mom wouldn’t it be cute if he asked me to marry him while we were at Disney, keep in mind we are two months away from leaving for the trip. We arrive Thursday morning & only half could make it up at the time, so all the sparks were saved for Friday morning at animal kingdom. So we enjoy all the fun Thursday & then wake up Friday to go to animal kingdom. ( we were annual pass holders at the time so this was our favorite park to go to) we got to the park as soon as they opened & headed to the bathrooms where the ring swap was about to happen between brothers. ( I was unaware of any of this) we get to the spot where this photo is taken, we are taking family photos to remember the time here and then the girls were asked to all turn their backs towards the camera & look out at Mount Everest so we did. & then I turn back around and my now fiancée is on one knee, he was so nervous he couldn’t even get the words out, but September 13th, 2019 is by far one of my favorite days in my book, as I’m sure everyone else who was including in the day as well.

Special Thanks

 | Planning
 | He held the ring until we got into the park.
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