Chelsey and Kyle

Where to Propose in Southern Nazarene University

How We Met

Kyle and I first met in college at SNU. He had seen me in chapel and asked one of our mutual friends about me. This mutual friend told him I would be in the on site cafe that evening if he wanted to meet me. That evening after getting food, Kyle came over to sit by me. His first words to me were can I ask you three questions. His first question was are you single, to which I replied yes. His second question was do you think I’m attractive, to which I replied sure. His final question was what would you do if I kissed you right now? Thinking I heard him incorrectly, I asked him to repeat that question. He then repeated the question and proceeded to kiss me. We have been together ever since.

How They Asked

Four years later, Kyle flew my best friend in from California and sent us on a scavenger hunt of all the places we had been on dates. The final clue led me back to the cafe at SNU, where he had gotten the keys during the summer and opened up the cafe. When I walked in, he walked up to me and asked if he could asked me three questions. His first question was Are you Happy? I said yes. His second question was even through all the ups and downs, do you still wanna be with me? I said yes. He then got down on one knee and said Will you marry me?

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Southern Nazarene University

And now we are planning our wedding for September.