Chelsey and Vas

How We Met

We met on and I can confidently say it is the best $100 I have ever spent. We were both on the site for about a month before finding each other. I liked his picture and he messaged me. We talked for about a week and then decided to meet up for coffee which resulted in us closing out the coffee shop.

How They Asked

My fiancé and I love travelling, so he wanted to take me somewhere to propose. I was doing an internship over the summer and made it incredibly difficult for him to book a trip. I finally caved after months of saying no…little did I know I was only delaying such an anticipated moment. In the summer we drove 7.5 hours down to Portland, Oregon for what I thought was a little getaway. He wanted to go to the Japanese Garden the day we got in, even though it had just finished raining and we had just finished such a long drive. Still oblivious, I went along with it because it seemed important to him. In the beautiful Japanese Garden, he found a private spot, got down on one knee, poured his heart out, and asked me to marry him. He said he wanted to do it on the first day we got in because he wanted to spend the entire trip celebrating us. Which we did.



Special Thanks

Ray Urner Photography
 | Photography
Chilliwach Sunflower Festival
 | Engagement Shoot Location