Chelsey and Randall's Ice Skating Proposal

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How We Met

Randall and I met in 2008 in high school. I was a new and upcoming freshman, he was a soon-to-be graduating senior. We were introduced through a mutual friend during my first day in high school. That same day, he sat next to me in study hall and I was hooked. I was so young and he was so witty and charming. We battled many obstacles of being teased for the ‘freshman dating the senior’ talk, but he never let it affect our relationship. Even throughout my high school years, Randall attended every dance and sporting event I was involved in…Even as a senior in college.

how they asked

The original plan was a double date for Christmas festivities, dinner and ice-skating with our good friends who were leaving for California. However, our friends canceled because a grandparent was in the hospital, but Ran still assured me that we should go alone. When we arrived, I realized the trip was totally worth it! Downtown Pitt was transformed into a little Christmastown filled with lights and entertainment. We had dinner at a cute pub that overlooked the Christmas decor and finished just around the time the sun was setting. I looked over and our friends who had canceled came busting out toward us snapping photos and videotaping as my parents ran from out of the bushes! As I looked over at Ran for an answer of what was happening, he was propped on one knee with the most beautiful, shiniest ring I’ve ever seen in his hand. Everyone stopped skating and started cheering and I was utterly shocked! I can remember my face burning and my knees buckling as I was escorted off the ice. Our friends who were ‘at the hospital’ were actually part of the plan to capture it all! It was such a special moment and I am so fortunate to have images and video of it all! It was one of the best nights of my life and he did such an amazing job.

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